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Technics 1210/1200 MK2/MK5 Respray & Service

This service will make any Technics 1210 or 1200 MK2 turntable look completely mint, with a stunning finish.

What is provided?

A full respray and service includes the following:

  • Pitch Calibration
  • RCA cable check and change if need be
  • Cue light replace/ or change LEDs to blue/purple/white/green/red to customer spec
  • Check tone arm and service if need be
  • Check and calibrate tone arm Bearings
  • Anti skate and tracking align
  • Clean ornament to make the pitch control look fresh
  • Check motor and main board, and advice if need extra remedial work is required.
  • Repainted and re-stenciled to make the deck completely mint adding hundreds of pounds of value to your turntable.

How does it work?

Simply purchase the item highlighted and we send you a postage label, we get in touch to arrange collection

The service takes about 3 days to complete and then is returned to you. On average we work to a 7-12 day turnaround depending on parts and condition.

Please contact us for details on the costs of multiples, or if you wish to just send us the fascia.

Important notes!

Please contact us before shipping your deck or fascia as this side of things is very important to get right.

You will need lots of packaging and a big box and packing tape to ensure the safe arrival of your goods.

Please ring for guidance on this essential part of the transaction.

Call Guy on 07970568765 or 01432 360799 and ask about the Technics respray and service.