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Technics 1210/1200 MK2/MK5 Respray & Service




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Technics 1210/1200 MK2/MK5 Respray & Service

This service will make any Technics 1210 or 1200 MK2 turntable look completely mint, with a stunning finish.

What is provided?

A full respray and service includes the following:

  • Pitch Calibration
  • RCA cable check and change if need be
  • Cue light replace/ or change LEDs to blue/purple/white/green/red to customer spec
  • Check tone arm and service if need be
  • Check and calibrate tone arm Bearings
  • Anti skate and tracking align
  • Clean ornament to make the pitch control look fresh
  • Check motor and main board, and advice if need extra remedial work is required.
  • Repainted and re-stenciled to make the deck completely mint adding hundreds of pounds of value to your turntable.